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RevOxley_501's Deliverance Ministry ref page
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This page is being set up for reference for my ministry. All are welcome to join for updates, but posts must be moderated for the safety of the clients. This Will be the current hub for information regarding this ministry (still nameless).

This ministry has the purpose of perpetuating Gods love through Deliverance from demonic opression in many forms. It also aims to help victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Mk-Ultra/PjMonarch find freedom from fear of their horrendous pasts through deprogramming, healing of the parts, and integration if the Lord so wills. This ministry reaches out to all faiths, no matter how dark and does not require that one accept Jesus Christ or the message of Christianity in order to perform it's services.

This ministry will NEVER require money for its services, but appreciates any donations given to it...be it prayer, literature (occult literature and related are highly important at this stage), or even monetary donations. If you are interested in helping this ministry please do email me at RevOxley_501@mchsi.com .

If you would like to make a monetary donation you can click here:

please email me to say hi if you use the button though!

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