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rough draft of guidlines

please comment on additions, subtractions or edits...this is a rough draft

Guidelines for Exorcism and Deliverance:
  1. Guidelines for ministers
    • All sessions MUST begin with prayer, including prayers for protection, binding and loosing, and most importantly for Guidance from the Holy Spirit.
    • When teams have been formed, it is pertinent that at least 2 qualified ministers be present during all sessions.
    • When teams have been formed , weekly meetings should be held
    • Ministers must be able to reach consensus when certain issues arise, for this reason all things must be guided by the Holy Spirit
    • Ministers must NEVER request money for themselves, this ministry, or in exchange for their time, your time is Gods time, give it freely as you have been freely given.
    • Confidentiality is extremely important, under no circumstance whatsoever is any information regarding a client to be released to anyone. No family, no friends, no police, no FBI. Our clients will have the anonymity and freedom they deserve, no matter how horrible the things that may come up in sessions are.
    • If you find it necessary to speak about a client, details must be kept to a minimum, and surnames MUST be given, no screen names or real names may be used for any reason. Before using information anonymously, it must still be OK-ed with the client
    • SRA and MK-ultra survivors require special care. A separate set of guidelines must be implemented for these special cases.
    • The novice in this area of ministry must always be accompanied by an elder for his own safety and the safety of the client.
    • The use of hypnosis should be limited to MK-Ultra and Severe SRA cases and only used on a MUST DO basis. Using hypnosis requires at least 3 team members present, with tape recorder for the safety of the client. These provisions are implemented because of the fragile nature of the fragmented mind, and the danger in small mistakes here.
    • A list of highly recommended reading materials will be provided with inception into this ministry, these materials will be for the purpose of informing as to the nature of the spiritual realm, the occult world, and the ways in which the enemy operates (illuminati).
    • A doctrinal statement will be accrued, and submitted to any party upon request. Ministers must agree on CORE doctrines.
Guidelines for clients:
·        Clientele are expected to make appointments, or if unable to do so, to give notice 24 hours in advance of cancellation.
·        Clientele are expected to avoid dependency upon the minister, or the team. When a client becomes too dependent, therapy screeches to a halt.
·        Clientele are expected to do independent research on his/her particular ailments for the sake of discipleship and recovery.
·        When a client agrees to come into a ministry relationship here, they are expected to avoid using other ministries, as this causes more problems over time due to inexperience among other ministries. This applies more specifically to SRA/MK/DID clients.
·        Clientele are expected to keep a journal of the ministry process for the sake of watching the progress of the process.
·        Clientele are expected to list all known triggers and submit them to the team before serious ministry begins. A questionnaire will be formed to accommodate for this and other issues.
·        Clientele are expected to make every effort within his/her power to protect his/herself from harm. Be it through accidental access, over exerting in a session (feel free to stop when you need to), or submitting to unqualified ministers.
·        Clientele are expected to keep the identity of the ministers and the ministry teams a secret. Even though my own identity is well known.

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