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The Prayer

This is the full text of a commonly used prayer in this ministry. This prayer covers every spiritual base that I can currently think of. Every item may not apply to you, so for those things that most people don’t need to worry about omission is fine. In ministry sessions, especially in the preliminary sessions it is expected that this prayer be performed in whole, in some way or another. If you have questions about the context of a certain item don’t be afraid to ask about it, you aren’t expected to know what each item is at first, this, for everyone involved- is a learning experience.


The best bet, for all things spiritual warfare, is if you are not sure, cover your bases the best that you can. One place where this is most evident is in the binding of the strongman-which is essentially the victims weakest point—or the strongest point in a systems hierarchy (SRA/DID systems will have multiple hierarchies, but it will be well known when the Powers, Principalities and Dragons (they choose these names, I do not) are present or when they are cast down (or out for that matter).


If you are considering this prayer for personal use, customize it to fit your needs. Also note that if you become disturbed or feel a presence stirred at certain parts, you should probably focus on those things as opposed to pure avoidance. Problem areas should be dealt with in a timely manner, the definition of which is between You and God alone.


Remember: This is a guideline built from six years dedicated experience, removal of millions of spiritual enemies, and an insight I have been given as a result of these experiences-it is not meant to be used word for word, but to give you a starting point for which to begin spiritual warfare of ministry sessions—Gods will over rules this prayer every time.



Bolded pretty well apply to anyone and everyone-when you learn your weaknesses, add them in a specific manner somewhere.


Father God in the name of Jesus Christ I Bind, rebuke, cast down, and cover with the Blood of Jesus Christ every demonic spirit, power, principality, and ruler over high places that would attempt to affect me/this time/this session. In Jesus name I ask that every program, pin, curse, and ritual would be rendered null immediately and the spirits tied to them be bound up and cast into the outer darkness.  I also burn the silver chord and cut the Golden Ray of any and all Astral bodies present in Jesus Name. In the Name of Jesus Christ I effectively bind the Strongman above and all those below that we might take back what has been stolen. God I pray that you would cover me/us/this time with your Blood and let your Holy Light shine the Truth in all things in every situation. Reveal in us the things that need to be brought to light. Let no thing happen outside your perfect will, make us vessels for your work here.







Q: Why the strongman?


Mar 3:27

No man can enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.


A: The strongman, in our plight, is not us. The Strongman, as we can see it, is our enemy that has a footing within us. The strongman is what every other spirit within a certain area of a system connects to and depends upon. Therefore, when the strongman is bound, all those below him should be bound as well. Strongmen attach themselves to things such as memories, trauma, inner desires—they generally have a validated RIGHT to be there---if you have strong men to deal with, you might need to find his root (and subsequent healing would have to take place, as well as exorcism) before he can be bound and tossed out.


Q: What the heck is a pin? (line 4 of prayer)



            A: Pins come in multiple form, but for the sake of simplicity lets just say this: Pins are devices that can be organic or inorganic-that are implanted into the body. Some pins are completely inanimate, and do nothing more than attach to a spirit or ailment-these are often inscribed with some sort of hex or drawing. Other pins provide executable tiny electronic shocks-they can induce vomiting, cause spasms, or trigger feelings-occult groups use these to help condition the victims. Newer pins may contain RFID used to track the locations of victims—victim shelf-life is around 30-40 years old, RFID pins may be implanted toward the end of that term so the victim can be traced after they begin to break program.



Q: Astral who?


            A:  Astral Bodies AKA Astral Projections or Astral Viewers are individuals whom use divination through what is called a Golden Ray (3rd eye in mysticism) and a Silver Chord. These individuals will sit in an area and channel themselves to another place; projection provides the “out of body” experience whilst astral viewing merely gives the person visions.  The Silver Chord is, through revelation of this phenomenon, known by me to be a spirit (demonic duh) that connects two parts of a person: The spirit part which is present at the astral site will have a Silver Chord demon connecting from the back of the head to the persons body, at the ritual site. Projection and viewing are common practices among most occultists, and is often associated with reaching the first or second “level” in their respective organizations—one way to tell a neophyte from a seasoned practitioner is the likelihood of the neophyte to be exited about his/her ability to project or view astrally—they often believe this means they have achieved real status—truth be told, many low level eclectic “white” wiccan groups practice this within months of following the Craft. You should only really be concerned with this is you have a: exited the occult b: been working against the occult or c: believe you have enemies in the occult. When I deal with astrals, I usually ask that they be escorted back to their bodies and be given a warning about meddling—generally the first time someone experiences that, they will be obedient—afterwards I ask that all chords be burned and rays be broken-to sever the tie.

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